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Beauty and the Beast: Belle

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is my most favorite Disney princess of all time. I cosplayed as Belle for the Disney Princes and Princesses skit at the San Diego Comic Con 2005 Masquerade. We had a record-breaking cast of 18 people! Awards: Most Humorous Trophy Award, The Stevenson Entertainment Group. Photo courtesy of Eurobeat King and Special thanks to Love Meeko and Ashley for running the skit and to all the performers. In addition, we also had a Disney Princes and Princesses cosplay photoshoot at the LA Arboretum. Photo courtesy of Raidr

Comic Con 2005 Disney Princesses cosplay skit
Video courtesy of Lionel

Official San Diego Comic Con 2005 Masquerade video of Disney Princes and Princesses
Video courtesy of Comic-Con International

Download the Disney Script.

Click here for the cast in the Comic Con 2005 Disney Princes and Princesses skit

Pictures from the Disney Princesses photoshoot at the LA Arboretum:

Pictures from San Diego Comic Con 2005 Disney Princesses skit:

Fairy Godmother - Wendy
Snow White - Love Meeko
Ariel - Rebecca
Cinderella - Lisa
Belle - Mandy
Aurora - Cindy
Princess Eilonwy - Kie
Megara - Maryssa
Pocahontas - Jean
Mulan - Jenn
Esmeralda - Lily
Jane - Emi
Alice - Bri
Wendy - Ashley
Prince Philip - Mike
Shang - Flo
Peter Pan - Andy
Aladdin Tony
LA Aboretum:
Tinkerbell - Laura

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